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Dior, Kenzo and Guerlain test their new makeup with tailor made lighting solution from Softlights

In 2015 the European cosmetics industry improved hundreds of formulas to meet new health regulations. It was vital to check and test visually if the new products were as good as the previous ones. To make the test as accurate and precise as possible, the world leader in luxury, LVMH,… Continue reading

RGBW LED for VALERIAN, Luc Bessons USD 170MM Sci-Fi feature.

Softlights delivered DMX controlled Light for Luc Besson´s science fiction adventure “Valerian and the planet of thousand cities”. Cinematographer Thierry Arbogast and the set designer Hugues Tissandier wanted dmx controllable colored light built into the set. Softlights provided our custom made RGBW led ribbons, and constant voltage dimmer to work… Continue reading

Precision lights and color control for DxO

Softlights have developed a tailor made Automated lighting gear for DxO, the renowned image analysis company. Since we started our collaboration in 2014, 40 specially made lighting gears from Softlights are running in DxO image laboratories around the world. The lighting gear consist of 24 individual fluorescent tubes and 56… Continue reading

Amazing results from the extensive LED test

August 30th. 2016, NRK/FNF (Norwegian State Broadcasting, Norwegian Cinematographers Guild) tested the 8 most popular Bi-Color LED lamps in TLCI. Softlights LED got the highest TLCI score of all test units. Our LED measured 99 and 98 (out of 100) in Daylight and Tungsten. August 30th. 2016, NRK/FNF (Norwegian State… Continue reading